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Tips for a Perfect Santa Visit

1)   Reserve a special parking place for Santa. It should be as close as possible to where he is appearing.  There are several reasons for this including, other may see your Santa and want him to stop, many Santas are older (you don’t want him worn out before he starts), and he is your special guest.
2)   Make sure that you are using a sturdy chair and there is room behind it for those family photos and when Santa may need to ‘Photo Bomb’ a child that less than happy to be with Santa.  Being next to the fireplace makes for a nice photo, but really HOT one for Santa… provide a fan (this is always welcome).
3)    Most Santas like to know little tid-bits about the children.  Again, Santa is older, but with the Elves help, he will try to let the children know that he and the Elves have been watching.  
4)     If you still need to pay a balance or for extra time, do it discreetly in a card or with a wish list. We are here to keep’em believing and would be glad to give your gifts, if you let us know and have someone meet us with them before entering.
5)     Always make sure that you have Santa’s cell # and he has a number of someone that will be at the location that he is to appear.  Things happen at both ends and adjustments may have to be made.  Give clear directions to the location and how Santa is to enter.
6)     Remember that some of your four legged family members may not take to Santa very much either.  Make sure to have them secured to guarantee a safe visit.
7)     As with any special occasion, make sure that all batteries are fresh, all cameras are working, and everyone is looking good for photos.
Terms and Conditions

    The Santas listed and/or referenced on this website ( has not been verified with any type of Background Check by this group and/or we hold no client referrals for any members.  While we do not endorse, sanction, or make recommendations, we try to help our members find new clients as well as help parents and companies find a Santa.  We highly suggest that parents and/or event planners do their best to research and verify any entertainer or vendor that they will have working around their family or home.  
    If you do have any issues with any of our members or other performers, we encourage you to report them to us. We will take any infractions seriously. Even though we are not a formal group, we still do not want our group to be associated with any misconduct of any Santa and will do what ever is necessary to protect our craft

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